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January 27-28: Arizona State University and livestreamed

This symposium will invite scholars and poets to examine the ways race can, should, and/or does function within poetic paradigms. Along with one of our distinguished speakers, Fred Moten, we ponder "the question of how we can read the poem is redoubled now. Now, how can we read this poem?"

Invited speakers

  • Brandi K. Adams (Arizona State University)
  • Tanvir Ahmed (Austrian Academy of Science)
  • Tamar Boyadjian (Columbia University)
  • Suzanne Coley (Printmaking and book artist)
  • Reginald Jackson (University of Michigan)
  • Promise Li (Princeton University)
  • Jackie Murray (University of Kentucky)
  • Susie Phillips (Northwestern University)
  • Debapriya Sarkar (University of Connecticut)
  • Reginald Wilburn (Texas Christian University)