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Program of the 1st IConiC Conference

Audience Response in Ancient Greek and Latin Literature

02-03 September 2022

Via Ms Teams

University of Ioannina

Division of Classics Postgraduate Programme

*Time zone Athens


Friday 2 September, 2022

10.00-10.40: Welcome (1. Dean of the University of Ioannina: Triantafyllos Albanis / 2. Head of the Philology Department: Alexander Alexakis / 3. Director of the Division of Classics and of the Postgraduate Programme in Classics: Helen Gasti).

Chair: Helen Gasti
10.40-11.20: Keynote speaker: Anton Bierl (University of Basel): „Shifting audience response and multiple addressees in Sappho between performance and reperformance‟.

11.20-11.40: Discussion

11.40-12.10: Coffee break

Chair: Efimia Karakantza

12.10-12.30: Ronald Blankenborg (Radboud University): „Odysseus‟ by popular demand: restoring one‟s identity through the internal audience‟.

12.30-12.50: Christodoulos Zekas (University of Ioannina): „The many faces of silence: Odyssean responses to epic song‟.

12.50-13.10: Thea Selliaas Thorsen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): „Pig problems: Audience response in the fragments and ancient reception of Corinna of Boeotia‟.

13.10-13.40: Discussion

13.40-15.40: Lunch break
Chair: Andrea Rodighiero

15.40-16.00: Andrea Giannotti (Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Storici "Benedetto Croce", Naples): „A novel and unexpected Menelaus in Sophocles' Ajax?‟.

16.00-16.20: Pascale Brillet-Dubois (Lumière University Lyon 2): „Calling for attention. Internal and external audience in Euripides‟.

16.20-16.40: Eirini-Niki Briakou (University of Ioannina):„Talthybius, the Achaeans‟ Herald: An “alter- ego” of the Athenian spectator? A study of Euripides‟ Hecuba and Trojan Women‟.

16.40-17.10: Discussion

17.10-17.40: Coffee break

Chair: Athanasia Zografou

17.40-18.00: Martin M. Bauer-Zetzmann (University of Innsbruck): „Mirrors of Herodotus? The Internal and external audiences of the Histories‟.

18.00-18.20: Andreas Serafim (Academy of Athens): „The language of “silent language”: Nonverbal behaviour, sexual identity, and audience response‟.

18.20-18.40: Despina Iosif (Hellenic Open University and College Year in Athens): „Per suffragium populi. Provincial voces‟.

18.40-19.10: Discussion
End of the 1st day

Saturday 3 September, 2022

Chair: Vaios Vaiopoulos

10.00-10.40: Keynote speaker: Stephen Harrison (University of Oxford): „Reading Vergil in Horace Odes 4.12‟.

10.40-11.00: Discussion

11.00-11.30: Coffee break

Chair: Anton Bierl

11.30-11.50: Andrea Rodighiero (University of Verona): „Reading the audience‟s mind: the successful excess of Euripides‟.

11.50-12.10: Théo Millat-Carus (University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès): „Clever Demos/demos in Aristophanes‟ knights? Differences and similarities between the audience and its scenic representation‟.

12.10-12.30: Helen Gasti, Sophia Kouteri and Eleutheria Ioannidou (University of Ioannina): „Aspects of the poet‟s theatrical transaction with the audience in the ancient scholia on the comedies of Aristophanes‟.

12.30-13.00: Discussion

13.00-15.00: Lunch break

Chair: Pascale Brillet-Dubois

15.00-15.20: Gabriel Evangelou (University of Cyprus): „The pseudo-private nature of Cicero‟s conciliatory letters‟.

15.20-15.40: Panagiotes Kontonasios (University of Ioannina): „Cicero‟s correspondence: reading, commenting on, reviewing, and criticizing contemporary literature‟.

15.40-16.00: Rebecca Frank (Colby College): „Reading and Rereading Plutarch: Narrative Instability in the Parallel Lives‟.

16.00-16.30: Discussion

16.30-17.00: Coffee break

Chair: Scott McGill

17.00-17.20: Stella Alekou (University of Ioannina): „Cetera cura tua est. Writing from the reader‟s perspective in Cydippe‟s Letter (Ovid, Heroines 21)‟.

17.20-17.40: Andreas Gavrielatos (University of Reading): „The debauched aristocratic audience in Persius‟ Satire 1 and its programmatic function‟.

17.40-18.00: Hannah Baldwin (Royal Holloway, University of London): „How to win over your audience and ridicule people: Martial and social climbers‟.

18.0-18.30: Discussion

Chair: Thea Selliaas Thorsen

18.30-18.50: Vasileios Pappas (University of Ioannina): „Perlege hoc…opusculum: Ausonius‟ address to his readers in the prose parts of Cento Nuptialis‟.

18.50-19.10: Scott McGill (Rice University):„Strange philology: commentaries on Virgilian Centos‟.

Closing remarks: Helen Gasti