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The deadline for submission of individual abstracts to the APA Program Committee is this Wednesday, May 1, at 5:00 pm Eastern Time. To make a submission you must be an APA member in good standing for 2013 and create an account at this year's APA program submission system. Please note these important items.

1. You must create an account on the program submission system. It does not automatically contain an account you may have created on the APA's members' only page or on the placement system site.

2. The program submission system will not permit you to create an account if you are not in good standing. If you have not yet paid dues for 2013, and you want to make a submission by the May 1 deadline, you must pay your dues no later than 9:00 am Eastern time on Monday, April 29 and then wait until May 1 to make your program submission.

You can pay your dues online at this web site. You will be able to complete this process more quickly if you know your member number. If you do not know that number, you can retrieve it here. Note that you can retrieve your number even if you are not paid up for 2013. If you have any question about your dues status, you may request information from the Johns Hopkins University Press at