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In 2023, SCS disbursed $15,000 in Contingent Faculty Grants. This is the second year of the program, which is funded from the Society's Research and Teaching Endowment. The selection committee made seven awards on two tracks: (1) professional development and (2) financial aid.

The awardees this year are Justin Michael Colvin, Lissa Crofton-Sleigh, Alice Gaber, Valeria Tezzon, Daniel Schindler, and two anonymous awardees.

Given the large number of applicants, the total funding pool available for 2024 awards will be $20,000 This will allow the Society to provide funding to a larger number of contingent faculty than has been possible in the first two years of the program. The selection committee and Contingent Faculty Committee strongly urge institutions to provide more support to their non-tenure track faculty.

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