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New Media Announcements

The Society for Classical Studies is proud to announce many new additions to our online presence.

First is the reinvigoration of the SCS blog, which was led by the Communications Committee and its current chair, Chris Francese. Along with the blog comes a new front page to our website, which will feature the Blog content as well as Amphora articles. There will be a new blog article every week, with new Amphora content on the way.

We are also happy to showcase our YouTube channel, a new outreach vehicle for people to find out what it is we do and what Classics is about. The channel will mainly feature interviews with people touched by Classics in some way, but will also showcase any video we collect from conferences or other SCS events. A new video will come out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and you can watch the first one here.

If you want to write a piece for the Blog or be interviewed for the channel please contact


(Photo: "_DSC7061" by rhodesj, licensed under CC BY 2.0)