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The SAGP Board has decided that the 2022 Annual Meeting will again occur via Zoom. This makes it possible to stretch out the time-frame so that we do not have simultaneous panels. We will schedule panels on weekends, Friday through Monday (avoiding Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, since those are the heaviest teaching days for most people). We will schedule starting September 23, and ending November 19, for this round.

Members of the Society are invited to propose Zoom panels. Organizers should specify the topic of the panel, the proposed speakers (with academic affiliation and email address) and tentative title (check with them first!), and preferred date (and an alternate). Some preference for organizers who would be able to host a zoom event themselves.

Individual members are invited to submit papers/abstracts for either a “work-in-progress” panel or a “classic” panel. Presentations for “work-in-progress” are limited to 20 minutes, with 35-40 minutes allotted to discussion; “classic” presentations may go for 50 minutes with up to 10 minutes allotted to discussion. Text should be in Word, or at least NOT in PDF. In your email, include your name, academic affiliation (if any), and possible dates in the time-frame.

All participants must be current members of the Society.

Deadline (for this first round): JUNE 1, to