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We are pleased to invite applications for an SCS/TAPA-sponsored online writing workshop series aimed at helping early-career scholars prepare an article for publication. In an effort to build diversity among published authors, we particularly welcome first-time authors, people without permanent tenured jobs, and scholars historically underrepresented in classics and allied fields.


Mentors already committed to participating include Joshua Billings, Joel Christensen, Lorenzo Garcia, Irene Peirano Garrison, Sarah Levin-Richardson, and Nandini Pandey. If you are interested in being a mentor, please email


This mentorship opportunity consists of two online workshops featuring short panel presentations by writing mentors and TAPA board members, followed by small-group expert-led breakout sessions to workshop drafts for publication. During the breakout session, groups of three to four participants will work with a writing mentor to workshop their article. Copies of participants’ writing will be circulated confidentially among the breakout group members prior to the meeting session, and participants will be expected to read and comment on each other’s work.

The goals of the program are to provide a safe and structured environment for early-career scholars and late-stage graduate students to work on writing mechanics, clarify their ideas, and hone a draft on any subject that can be submitted to a scholarly journal. Workshop participants will also gain experience in sharing works-in-progress and constructively critiquing peer writing.


The program will consist of virtual meetings on 16 May 2023 (11AM – 2PM EDT), 25 July 2023 (11AM – 2PM EDT), and a final (optionally in-person) meeting and reception at the SCS annual meeting in January 2024. Applicants should submit a rough draft or dissertation chapter under 10K words along with a statement of what they hope to get out of the workshop and how it will help their career. Applicants must also confirm their availability to attend the scheduled workshop sessions. The application deadline is April 17, 2023. Applications will be evaluated on the strength of the sample and whether applicants have completed enough research that they can focus on writing, argumentation, and framing.

Please note that participation in this workshop does not guarantee that your final piece will be published in TAPA or another journal, though we hope the experience will be productive regardless. If you are selected, your assigned mentor may not be an expert on your research topic, but they and the small-group peer cohort with whom you will be sharing your draft will do our best to help you craft a clear, compelling, and publishable argument.


We welcome author applications at

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