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A message from the National Humanities Alliance:

"Advocates from all 50 states and Washington D.C. will be meeting virtually with their Members of Congress and congressional staff to discuss federal funding for the humanities. They will be thanking Members of Congress for the funding in the American Rescue Plan and pushing for increased funding for a wide range of humanities programs in FY 2022!

Help bolster their efforts by writing to your Members of Congress today!

We’ve won incremental increases for the NEH in each of the past 6 years, but given the needs of the humanities community and the crucial role they have to play in the current moment, we are urging a far more robust increase this year. Take action for the NEH!

The National Archives’ funding has stagnated over the past decade, undermining its ability to process and manage records and leading to cutbacks in reading room access. This undermines government accountability and our ability to engage with our historical record. Take action for the National Archives!

Given our need for deeper knowledge of all world regions and language expertise, we are calling for Congress to restore the capacity of the Department of Education’s international education programs (Title VI and Fulbright-Hays). Tell Congress that these programs need support!"