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The American Office (AO), the first of the international offices of L'Année philologique, was established in 1965 at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, when the volume of material, especially the English-language publications, began to exceed the capabilities of the Paris office. Lisa Carson became Assistant Director and Principal Bibliographer in 1988, and assumed the Directorship in 1992. The AO moved to the University of Cincinnati in 2002, where it gained Dr. Shirley Werner as Assistant Director. In 2010 the AO moved to Duke University.

L'Année philologique on the Internet (APh Online) now covers 84 years of classical bibliography with volumes 1 (1924-1926) to 80 (2009). Volume 80 was posted in late August, and 2,200 records from volume 81 (2010) have been online since the middle of June. Additional records from volume 81 will be posted at the end of this year.

Please note these new features of APh Online:

· It is now possible to create a search history alert. The alert automatically searches the latest update to the database, and then sends you an e-mail. See the online user guide to learn how to register for this feature.

· You can also subscribe to a RSS feed that will list all new records.

· APh Online is now Z39.50 and SRU compliant: see the Institutions page for technical information.

· A file is now posted on the APA web site that that will enable users of EndNote to search and download information from APh Online.