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The Société Internationale de Bibliographie Classique (SIBC), the not-for-profit organization that oversees the publication of L’Année, has reorganized. Rather than giving one office editorial control over the others, all offices will now have editorial control over the content that they produce. SIBC will also form an editorial board to oversee the production of each volume, with an editor to ensure consistency and quality control. Dr. Lisa Carson, Director of the American Office of L’Année, will be the SCS representative on the editorial board.

The French Office of L’Année is changing. CNRS has withdrawn from the project, and the University of Lille (3) will establish a new one beginning in 2015.

L'Année philologique on the Internet now covers 87 years of classical bibliography with volumes 1 (1924-1926) to 83 (2012). As of the end of July 2014, 17,000 records from volume 83 (2012) had been posted online. Because of the withdrawal of CNRS from the project, publications from France and other countries for which the French Office is responsible are momentarily not included. However, both SIBC and the new French Office at the University of Lille will strive to deal with any backlog in indexing as quickly as possible.

The online version of L’Année has the following new features:

  • Faceted searches with six criteria for refining your results (modern authors, ancient authors and texts, subjects and disciplines, date, language, and document type).
  • OpenURL links for citations of ancient texts. The links use CWKB, a service provided by the Society for Classical Studies.
  • A file that will enable EndNote to search and download information from APh online.

Starting in March 2009, interim records were posted every month in advance of the publication of the annual volume, but this practice stopped in January 2011. Since then, full definitive records have been added to L'Année philologique on the Internet three to four times a year. Starting in January 2015, records will be pushed online as soon as they have been vetted by each office.