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The following members were elected in the ballot held this summer. They take office in January 2023, except for the two new members of the Nominating Committee who take office immediately. Thank you to all SCS members who agreed to stand for election this year.


Alison Keith

Vice President for Program Sarah Nooter
Program Committee

Jason Nethercut

Caroline Stark

Board of Directors

Director with Special Responsibility for Equity:

Catherine Conybeare

Contingent Faculty Director:

Liz Mercier

Graduate Student Director:

Zoé Thomas


Catherine Connors

Suzanne Lye

Nominating Committee

Arum Park

Nancy Worman

Goodwin Committee Andrew Riggsby
Professional Ethics Committee

Helen Morales

In accordance with a policy established by the Board of Directors, the Society does not publish the numerical tabulation of the election on the website. The information is available, however, and any member may request the tabulation by making a written request to the Executive Director (

The SCS voting contractor Vote-Now issued 2,577 individual voting codes. 692 (26.9%) of those individuals voted in the election, although not all voters made a selection in every race. Most members now vote electronically. A paper ballot is issued to any member who does not have an email address on file. In addition, the Executive Director received two requests for paper ballots.

Helen Cullyer
Executive Director


You can view the 2022 Election Materials at this link.