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Distance Technology and Graduate Classics Education

Velvet Yates

University of Florida

Distance Technology and Graduate Classics Education

            Distance technology has helped level the playing field in Classics job placement; in many cases, no longer are graduate students required to scrape together hundreds of dollars to personally attend the SCS Annual Meeting, for the sake of one or two 30-minute first-round interviews.  Search committees can easily simulate the in-person interview environment through readily available meeting technology, which is significantly more convenient and less expensive for the job candidates.  This enhanced convenience and reduced expense should, in turn, produce a larger and more diverse applicant pool.

            Can the use of meeting technology in distance graduate education likewise produce a quality experience with greater convenience and less cost, and therefore appeal to a more diverse pool of graduate students?  That will be the question addressed in this paper.  Practical aspects of delivering a live, distance graduate seminar will be discussed, as well as the logistics of delivering a hybrid seminar (with some students attending in person and some remotely).  The question of whether a fully online graduate program is desirable, as opposed to a low-attendance program, will also be considered.

This paper will also address the question of appealing to non-traditional Classics graduate students, especially those who do not intend to pursue a career in higher education.  Can a Classics graduate program maintain its quality and integrity without a mission to propel Ph.D.s into the academic job market?  And does such a program automatically appeal to underrepresented groups, or is additional outreach desirable? 

I will address these questions with the use of real-world examples, including a recording of an actual online graduate seminar.  Thank you very much for your consideration.

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Classics Graduate Education in the 21st Century

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