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AANLS panel: The World of Neo-Latin Epic



The World of Neo-Latin Epic 


Sponsored by the American Association for Neo-Latin Studies (AANLS) 


Organized by Annette M. Baertschi, Bryn Mawr College 


The American Association for Neo-Latin Studies invites proposals for papers pertaining to Neo-Latin epic to be delivered at the annual meeting of the Society for Classical Studies in San Francisco (January 5-8, 2022).  


Epic remained a highly popular and prestigious genre throughout the Early Modern period, serving as an important vehicle for celebrating and legitimizing political figures and families, cities and institutions, and at the same time providing poets with the opportunity to position themselves within the literary tradition. Neo-Latin epic is diverse in both content and form, including historical, mythological, and religious poems and ranging from large-scale epics in several books to texts of only a few hundred lines. Likewise, authors appropriated many of the structural elements and narrative patterns of their classical models, while simultaneously expanding and innovating the generic conventions, often influenced by the changing cultural, political, and social circumstances in their regions and communities. 


For this panel, proposals are welcome devoted to all forms of Neo-Latin epic, from extensive poems to short epyllia and from supplements to centos, and originating from all parts of the world. Papers might address, but are not limited to, the following issues and topics: 

• the reception of Greco-Roman epic in the Early Modern period  

• the relationship between Neo-Latin and vernacular epics 

• contemporary criticism and theory of epic 

• the hybridization of paganism and Christianity in Neo-Latin epic 

• politics and propaganda in epic poetry 

• the role of epic in mediating national identities and ideologies 

• colonial epics set in the ‘New World’ 

• canonicity and normativity in literature and culture in the Early Modern period and beyond 


All in all, the goal of the panel is to showcase the diversity and richness of Neo-Latin Studies in terms of approaches, methodologies, and perspectives; to highlight the importance of contemporary research in the global phenomenon of Neo-Latin literature; and to reflect on its significance for the broader field of Reception Studies as well as Classics as a discipline. 


The Association is committed to creating a congenial and collaborative forum and thus welcomes proposals that are exploratory in nature as well as abstracts of latter-stage research.  


Abstracts of a maximum of 600 words, suitable for a 15-20 minute presentation, should be sent electronically, in MS Word format or PDF, to Annette M. Baertschi (, preferably with the subject heading “AANLS panel at SCS 2022.” Abstracts should follow the guidelines for individual abstracts posted on the SCS website ( and should not reveal the author’s name, but the e-mail should provide name, title of the paper, and institutional affiliation (or status as independent scholar). All abstracts will be judged anonymously. 


Membership in the Association is not required for participation in this panel, but all presenters must be SCS members in good standing, with dues paid through 2021. The deadline for submission of abstracts is Sunday, February 28, 2021. 


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