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DCA 2021 CFP

Digital Classics Association
SCS 2021 Call for Papers
“Recent Work in Digital Classics”

Contact: Neil Coffee, University at Buffalo, SUNY,

Organizer: Neil Coffee, University at Buffalo, SUNY

The first Digital Classics Association panel at the SCS conference was held in 2014, with the topic “Getting Started with Digital Classics.” Seven years later, work in digital classics and the broader field of digital humanities has continued to grow at a steady pace. After recent panels reflecting on digital work and the profession, this seems an opportune time to hear again about the current projects of practitioners in order to get a sense of the state of the field as well as share practical information about digital resources and foster further collaboration.

This panel is an open call for presentations on digital classics research. Abstract submitters should have accomplishments to discuss, either results that address questions in the field of classics, broadly defined, or novel tools or resources whose application the presenters can set out clearly. Potential presenters should describe the methodological innovation in the work and / or the novelty of the application and what problem in the field their work is meant to solve. They are also encouraged to share the problems - practical or institutional - which they may have encountered.

Anonymous abstracts of no more than 400 words should be sent to, with identifying information in the email. Abstracts will be refereed anonymously in accordance with SCS regulations. Submitters should confirm in their emails that they are SCS members in good standing. Abstracts should follow the formatting guidelines of the instructions for individual abstracts on the SCS website. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is Friday, February 28, 2020.

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