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JANUARY 4-7, 2024


Organized by Adriana Vazquez (UCLA) and Erika Valdivieso (Yale University)

Hesperides is pleased to invite papers for its second SCS panel on the theme of translation and classical reception in the Luso-Hispanophone world. We welcome papers that transcend
traditional disciplinary distinctions or contest temporal, geographic or linguistic boundaries.

The panel invites participants to present work on the multifaceted nature of translation. We would welcome papers that consider instances of cultural as well as linguistic translation of
classical material, as well as the translation between text and other media. Successful papers may wish to explore different metaphors for translation, from adaptation to transformation, or even treason. We would also be interested in papers that examine the limits of translation as well as the ability of translation to transcend barriers.

Additional suggested topics to be considered include:
- translation as a cultural metaphor, e.g. translatio imperii and translatio studii
- the absence of translation (i.e. few pagan texts translated into indigenous languages)
- material aspects of translation: translators, digital media, the book as material object
- bilingualism and multilingualism
- theorizing translation, as in Walter Benjamin’s The Task of the Translator or Haroldo de
Campos on ‘trans-creation’ (transcriação)
- definitions and explorations of the ‘untranslatable’

Please send an anonymous abstract of no more than 500 words (excluding bibliography) for a 20-minute paper as an email attachment to, with the title “Translation” in the subject line. The deadline for submissions is February 25, 2023.

Submissions should follow the SCS guidelines for individual abstracts (see the SCS Guidelines for Authors of Abstracts); they will be reviewed by two anonymous referees, who will make final selections by the end of March 2023. The language of the conference is English. We especially encourage submissions from scholars based in Luso-Hispanophone countries.
Presenters who are not members of the SCS may request a waiver of the membership requirement.