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Call for Papers: Asian and Asian American Classical Caucus Panel


Organized by Arum Park (University of Arizona) and Stephanie Wong (Brown University)

Orientalism is a form of paranoia.”1

For our third panel at the annual meeting of the Society for Classical Studies (SCS) in San Francisco, CA (January 5-8, 2022), the Asian and Asian American Classical Caucus invites abstracts for presentations that broadly explore the concept of “orientalism” as applicable to the study of the ancient Mediterranean. As Edward Said articulated, “Orientalism was ultimately a political vision of reality whose structure promoted the difference between the familiar (Europe, the West, ‘us’) and the strange (the Orient, the East, ‘them’).”2 Possible topics include but are not limited to: ancient Mediterranean constructions of difference, Asian and AAPI receptions of Western antiquity, the intellectual history of Classics, Orientalism in pedagogy, or non-Western conceptions of Classical antiquity.

We welcome proposals for diverse forms of interpretation; scholarly papers are always welcome but other proposed formats might include visual or literary art, performance, or discussions of political activism. In an effort to pluralize the definition of orientalism and explore its myriad uses in all geographic antiquities (Eastern, Western, or otherwise) as well as in the present day, we encourage abstract submissions that subvert imperial hegemonies, trouble heteronormative conventions, and question eurocentric ideologies. Who constitutes “us” and “them,” and why must these categories constantly be redefined?

Abstracts of no more than 400 words should be submitted as a pdf email attachment to by Friday, March 5, 2021. The subject line of your email should be “SCS 2022: Orientalisms abstract.” The text of your abstract should follow the guidelines available on the SCS website and should not mention the name of the author. Abstracts will be evaluated anonymously by the panel organizers. The AAACC is committed to fostering a collaborative and supportive environment for the sharing of innovative ideas; as such, we welcome submissions from students, educators, artists, and activists of all stages and disciplines.

Should you have any questions, please contact Arum Park ( and Stephanie Wong (

1 Edward Said, Orientalism, 71.

2 Said 42.