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Roundtable Discussion Sessions
This 90-minute joint session with the AIA consists of a number of tables devoted to discussions of a variety of topics, with at least one discussion leader for each topic. Members are invited to propose themselves as roundtable discussion leaders. Topics may be the leader's area of scholarly interest or an issue important to the profession. Since certain topics lend themselves to presentation by more than one leader, proposals for multiple leaders are welcome. (In cases of multiple leadership, only one is required to be an SCS member.) The Program Committee believes that these sessions can provide an excellent opportunity for those in early stages of their careers (both graduate students and recent Ph.D.'s) to interact with established scholars in a less formal environment than a session or a job interview. Leadership of a roundtable discussion does not count as an "appearance" on the annual meeting program.

Submission Requirements

  • The SCS membership number, name, academic institution, and contact information of the organizer(s)
  • A brief (50-100 word) description of a suitable topic for a roundtable


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