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Call For Papers:

Translators’ Showcase: Bilingual Readings

A Panel Organized by the Committee on the Translations of Classical Authors

155th Annual Meeting of the SCS, Chicago, IL, January 4-7, 2024

Translation plays a vital role in our field, as a mainstay of education and outreach, and as a complex art that scholars of the ancient world may be especially well-poised to understand and value. At the 2024 meeting, The Committee on Translations of Classical Authors will inaugurate “Translators’ Showcase: Bilingual Readings” as a venue for translators to present their work. Translators may wish to discuss their process in remarks before or after the reading and/or in the Q&A following the reading, but the work itself will take center stage. For that reason, at least 300 of the 500 words allotted for abstracts (more is encouraged!) should consist of a sample of the work to be read. We also ask that some or all of the work be performed in its original ancient language; this will give the audience a fuller experience and grasp of the translation choices involved. Proposals should be submitted by the translators themselves, who are expected to be present for the panel, but who may if they wish appoint actors or proxies to perform the translations and/or originals. Each presenter will have fifteen minutes for (optional) remarks and bilingual performance, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A/discussion. We are expecting mainly translations into English, but will consider translations into any language. In addition to the translation sample, abstracts may include an outline of the translator’s remarks, and should indicate whether the translator plans to present their own work or to make use of other reader(s) or actor(s).

Abstracts should be 500 words or fewer and should follow the guidelines for individual abstracts (, to the extent that they apply to this type of presentation. All abstracts will be judged anonymously and should not give any indication of the translator’s identity. Send abstracts to by the extended deadline of Friday, March 10th, 2023.

The organizers will review all submissions anonymously, and their decision will be communicated to the authors of abstracts by March 23, 2023, with enough time that those whose abstracts are not chosen can participate in the individual abstract submission process for the upcoming SCS meeting.