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Study Abroad and Classics

Organized by the APA Committee on Education
Eric Dugdale, Gustavus Adolphus College, Organizer

This panel seeks to articulate the value of study abroad in classics. What are the main strengths of our study abroad programs, and what are as yet untapped possibilities? What exigencies and opportunities typically accompany study abroad? In what ways does study abroad in classics expand the ways of learning that we offer our students? How can study abroad experiences be integrated into the curriculum? It also addresses a range of practical matters related to study abroad. The planning process for leading a study abroad course is elucidated. Pre-collegiate study abroad is discussed, as well as archaeological fieldwork.

1. Eric Dugdale, Gustavus Adophus College
Introduction to Panel

2. Thomas McGinn, Vanderbilt University
Abstract: The Study Abroad Experience: Developing Realistic Expectations

3. Beth Severy-Hoven, Macalester College
Abstract: Case Study of a Liberal Arts College: The Integration of Study Abroad into an Undergraduate Classics Curriculum

4. Sanjaya Thakur, Colorado College
Abstract: Leading Your First Study Abroad Course

5. Sally Morris, Phillips Exeter Academy
Abstract: Study Abroad in the Pre-collegiate Curriculum

6. David Romano, University of Arizona
Abstract: Archaeological Fieldwork as a Practical Classroom