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Thucydides Dramaticus in Greece


July 26 - August 14, 2017
Athens, Greece (with visits to other locations)
A collaboration of HERC and the Dramaticus Institute for Classical Drama

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“Thucydides Dramaticus: The Theater of War II” offers a combined academic and artistic study of Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War with selected passages staged and performed by participants in the Ancient Theater of Messene, Greece. The program immerses participants in Ancient Greek Theater through a deeply insightful study of the Peloponnesian War.  The program’s interdisciplinary approach of History, Archaeology, and Theater make for an original and exciting learning experience of Classical Greece.

This year’s program culminates with an exciting finale of a public, professional performance at the Ancient Theater of Messene, where students will perform an original play based on Thucydides’ History.

This “Thucydides Dramaticus” program builds on its successful 2016 production, where 26 Greek, American, and international students performed in the established Aisxylia Festival at Eleusis, Greece. Audiences and critics were enthusiastic, with later, encore performances in theaters, festivals and universities.

No Experience Required;  preference will be given to those with a background in Theater, Classics or Ancient History.

Application Deadline:  May 15, 2017

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Additional details:
Head Instructor:  • John Lignadis (Classical Philologist, Translator, Playwright)
• Kirk Ormand (Classics, Oberlin College)
• Prof. Adele C. Scafuro (Classics, Brown University)
• Prof. Emerita Bella Vivante (Classics, Drama Instructor, University of Arizona)
• Prof. Catherine Diamantakou (Theatrical Studies, University of Athens)
• Prof. Andronike Markes (Epigraphist, Historian, Greek Epigraphical Society, HERC)
• Prof. Emeritus Petros Themelis (Archaeology, Univ. of Crete, Dir. Excavation Messene)
• Dimitris Lignadis (Director, Actor)
• John Panagopoulos (Director, Actor)
Program Coordinator:  • Rhea Scourtas (Society of the Athenians, HERC)

• 50 hours of Ancient Greek Theater Workshops, Rehearsals and Performances
• 40 hours on the History and Archaeology of the Peloponnesian War

On a daily basis the three-week program includes:
• Drama workshops, rehearsals and performances.
• Lectures and classes on the history of the Peloponnesian War.
• Visits and on-site teaching at selected archaeological sites, museums and ancient theaters.
• Artistic activities, open discussions, attending theatrical performances and other cultural experiences.

Visits to Archaeological Sites and Museums
• Akropolis (Athens)
• Agora (Athens)
• Kerameikos (Athens)
• National Archaeological Museum (Athens) • Piraeus (Attica)
• Sounion (Attica)
• Corinth (Peloponnese)
• Epidaurus (Peloponnese)
• Sparta (Peloponnese)
• Messene (Peloponnese)
• Pylos (Peloponnese)

Visits to Ancient Theaters
• Dionysus (Athens)
• Epidaurus (Peloponnese)
• Messene (Peloponnese)
• Palaia Epidavros (Peloponnese) • Piraeus (Attica)
• Sparta (Peloponnese)

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