GreekKeys 2015 for Nonmembers

GreekKeys 2015 for Nonmembers



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About GreekKeys 2015

GreekKeys 2015 is the latest revision of a custom polytonic Greek keyboard program with accompanying fonts that has long been useful to many scholars, teachers, and students of the ancient and medieval Greek worlds. GreekKeys fonts and keyboards provide easy access to many specialized characters (e.g., for metrics, epigraphy, and papyrology) that are absent from most system fonts and that would otherwise have to be entered in roundabout or obscure ways.  Click here for more information about the software.

If you need only the standard polytonic Greek characters, you may wish to try the free fonts and keyboards that come with Windows OS and Mac OS X. GreekKeys is intended for those with particular scholarly needs and for those who appreciate a simple scheme for the location of the accent characters. 

NOTE:  The Society for Classical Studies (SCS) is providing GreekKeys 2015 as a service to the scholarly community but cannot provide support to individual users.  SCS has reduced the price of this software to reflect the fact that the software is being provided on an "as is" basis.  SCS offers and will periodically update a help page for the software.

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.5 or higher (can also be installed manually on 10.3 or 10.4).

Windows 7, 8, or 10 (not tested with Windows XP, but probably works).

Tested with the latest versions of MS Word as of 2015, but also works with Word 2008 and later for Mac and Word 2003 and later for Windows.

Contents of the Package

This product is supplied only as a download. The download may appear as or, if your OS automatically decompresses the archive, as a folder named GreekKeys2015. If your Windows system is set up not to show file extensions, you can recognize the difference by the icon: the compressed version has a zipper on the icon, the uncompressed version appears as an ordinary folder.

The folder contains important documentation as well as the installers and fonts. Please read the QuickStart document before installing, or for fuller instructions with illustrations see the UserGuide document.

Non-member purchasers should archive a copy of the download in a safe location and medium (such as cloud storage or a backup disk), so that it will be available after a total computer failure or loss or replacement.

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