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Welcome to the online support pages for GreekKeys 2015. Many questions can be answered by using the documentation included in the GreekKeys 2015 download, especially the User Guide which can be downloaded here. Use this page to navigate to help pages for the following general areas:


Basic introduction to GreekKeys and description of what is included in the download.

Installation and Activation

Step-by-step illustrated instructions for installation (and activation of keyboards in Mac OS X).

Typing with GreekKeys Keyboards

Learn how to use the keyboards and to locate the characters you need.

Font Information

The SCS Greek fonts, and other fonts to use with GreekKeys

Free Font Download: New Athena Unicode

The most extensive SCS font, New Athena Unicode, is made freely available under an Open Font License. It may be downloaded here in .ttf format or (for web developers) in .woff format.

Conversion Information

For those with legacy documents containing Greek in pre-Unicode encodings (including the obsolete Traditional GreekKeys encoding), information about obtaining and using a conversion utility.

FAQ and Troubleshooting for Mac OS X Users

Learn about known problems and workarounds.

FAQ and Troubleshooting for Windows Users

Learn about known problems and workarounds.