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Every winter, the Society for Classical Studies holds a joint meeting with the Archaeological Institute of America. In addition to the presentation of individual papers and panels, features of the annual meeting include the Placement Service, for institutions advertising positions and candidates seeking them; an exhibit hall for browsing and purchasing the latest books from a variety of publishers; roundtable discussion sessions; dramatic performances by the Committee on Ancient and Modern Performance; meetings and receptions of affiliated groups; and much more.

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General Information for All Annual Meetings

147th Annual Meeting

The joint annual meeting of the SCS and AIA will take place at the San Francisco Hilton in San Francisco, CA, from January 6-9, 2016. Read here about the types of sessions that take place at the meeting and the materials that members wishing to participate in a certain type of session must submit for each one.

Program Information

Submissions to the SCS Program Committee
Submissions to Other Committees
Submissions to Organizer-Refereed Panels and Affiliated Groups
Joint Panels with AIA

Submissions to the SCS Program Committee

Please read all of these instructions before clicking on the link in red type at the bottom of this section. SCS members may now submit proposals and individual abstracts to the SCS Program Committee for review at its meeting in June. Before you make a submission, please read these general instructions for using the submission system and these general regulations concerning a member’s eligibility to make a submission. This page contains descriptions of the types of sessions held at the meeting as well as detailed lists of the materials required by the Program Committee for each one.

To get started, you must register a new account on the submission site. Your existing log-on credentials for any other site affiliated with the SCS will not work on this site—including the credentials you may have created if you used the submission site last year. You will need your SCS Member ID to establish an account. If you do not know your ID number, you can use the membership lookup tool to find it.

Your membership must be current to use this site. If you need to renew your membership, please go to If you are not sure whether you have paid your SCS dues for the current year, ask the customer service staff at the Johns Hopkins University Press at, 800-548-1784 (US and Canada only), or 410-516-6987 (all others). If you have not yet paid dues for 2015, please allow AT LEAST A MONTH for a) your payment to be received and processed by Johns Hopkins and (b) your record to be uploaded to the SCS submission system. If your dues payment was processed by February 10, you should be able to use the site immediately.

Members submitting proposals for panels, committee panels, seminars, or workshops or reports of organizer-refereed panels or affiliated groups previously chartered to hold a session at the 2016 meeting should note the following submission requirement instituted last year: The system will ask for the SCS member number of every participant in the session.

The deadline for submission of all proposals except individual abstracts will be April 8, 2015. The deadline for submission of individual abstracts will be April 27, 2015. Visit to make your submission.

Submissions to Other SCS Committees

SCS committees regularly submit panel proposals for review by the Program Committee. In some cases, rather than simply assembling the panel from invited papers, the committee issues a general call for abstracts and includes some of the submissions it receives in response to its call in the proposal it ultimately sends to the Program Committee. Members who respond to calls for abstracts issued by committees other than the Program Committee should understand that their abstract may receive blind review twice: by the committee that issued the call and by the Program Committee itself.

The following SCS committees have issued a call for abstracts for the panel they intend to organize at the 2016 Annual Meeting:

Committee on Ancient History: The Future of Ancient History: Teaching the Past in the Modern Curriculum

Committee on Ancient and Modern Performance: New Wine in Old Wineskins: The Place of Athenian Drama in Modern Society

Submissions to Other Groups Organizing Sessions in San Francisco

The Program Committee has approved seven proposals submitted by members wishing to hold organizer-refereed panels, and twenty-two affiliated groups have charters to review abstracts and hold sessions. The SCS's usual regulations concerning eligibility to submit an abstract apply to these sessions. Note especially that a presenter who is responding to one of these calls for abstracts is not eligible for a waiver of the membership requirement. If a member’s paper is accepted for an Organizer-Refereed Panel or Affiliated Group session, that member may not submit another abstract for consideration by the Program Committee for a regular paper session.

Organizer-Refereed Panels. Click on this link to see the titles of organizer-refereed panels authorized for 2016. Then click on each individual title to read the call for abstracts. Abstracts submitted to organizer-refereed panels should be sent to the SCS Office ( and are due no later than 11:59 p.m., Eastern Time, on Monday, March 2, 2015.

Affiliated Groups. Click on this link to see the list of groups chartered to organize sessions for the 2016 meeting. Then click on the group's name to read its call for abstracts. Each group has different instructions and deadlines for submission.

Joint Panels with AIA

The SCS Program Committee encourages SCS members to organize joint panels, seminars, or workshops in cooperation with AIA members. Submissions must be made to both organizations and conform to the guidelines of both the SCS and the AIA. No limit has been placed on the number of such sessions that can be scheduled each year. Please note that the Program Committees of the two societies review each proposal independently. Depending on the outcomes of these deliberations, a particular session may be accepted for both programs, for only one program, or for neither.

There is no separate process to submit a proposal for a joint session to the SCS. When the program submission system becomes available, follow the instructions for the type of session you are proposing, and be sure to answer “yes” when the system asks if you are also submitting the proposal to the AIA. Where the system asks for a participant's SCS member number, you may enter "AIA Member" instead as necessary. Keep in mind, however, that if the SCS Program Committee accepts the panel, but AIA does not, all participants in the session will need to pay SCS dues for 2015. Please consult AIA guidelines for details on their submission process. Please note that if you intend to submit a proposal for a panel to the AIA as a possible joint session, the submission deadlines for AIA are March 8, 2015 and March 22 (with $25 fee).

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Past Annual Meetings

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