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SCS Newsletter - August 2018 (Outreach)

The SCS Classics Everywhere Initiative
by Matthew McGowan

Are you currently organizing, or interested in organizing, events and programs on classical antiquity and its legacy that reach beyond the curricula of schools, colleges, and universities?  Are you interested in bringing the appreciation and critical discussion of the Greco-Roman world to new audiences?

The SCS Board of Directors has designated $25,000 that will be used to sponsor public events and programs around the US and elsewhere in 2019, the 150th Year of the society (founded as the American Philological Association in 1869).  Universities, colleges, schools, museums, libraries, other non-profits, and individuals can apply to SCS for mini-grants of up to $2,000 to support the following: public lectures; readings; discussion groups; performances; summer, after-school and weekend programs for school-age children; visual arts exhibits and installations; podcasts; and videos. Events and programs may focus on ancient languages, works of literature, art, and culture, or on more contemporary works inspired by the ancient world; and they may be creative or analytical in focus.  The one basic requirement is that eligible programs reach beyond the classroom to engage a broader public from school-age children to senior citizens.

Allowable expenditures include space rental, audiovisual or other technology costs, honoraria, props or supplies necessary for the program, and travel and / or accommodations costs for speakers or event leaders and participants. 

The members of the SCS Committee on Classics in the Community will review all applications. The committee is particularly interested in applications that will impact communities that are historically under-represented in the field of Classics and have not had access to programs in classical studies.  The committee will judge applications based on feasibility and impact and will ensure that Classics Everywhere funds projects in all regions of the US.  Applications from outside the US are also welcome.  Any project that appropriates the classical world in order to promote ideologies of hate and exclusion will not be funded (see

SCS will coordinate publicity for all funded projects and a dedicate section of the SCS website will host materials and reports on all Classics Everywhere programs.

Application Form and Deadlines

Applications for events and programs that will take place in Spring 2019 are due by November 1, 2018.  There will be two other application cycles with deadlines of March 1 and May 15, 2019 for events and programs that will take place in Summer and Fall 2019. Click here for the online application form. The Executive Director will notify all applicants of the committee’s decision within one month of the application deadline.


If you have questions about the Classics Everywhere initiative, please contact the SCS Executive Director, Helen Cullyer (  Please also see below for some examples of  public-facing events and programs. Note that these are examples only and not an exhaustive list of possible types of events and programs. Please be creative!

Example Projects

  • Organize readings and discussions of ancient works of literature, or modern works based on ancient literature (eg. Margaret Atwood’s Penelopiad, Madeline Miller’s Circe, or Derek Walcott’s Omeros)
  • Collaborate with local public libraries to organize workshops introducing ancient languages, mythology, or history to school-age children who don’t have the opportunity to learn about these topics in the school curriculum.
  • Arrange screenings and discussions of movies with ancient and modern resonances such as Black Panther and Queens of Syria, a documentary about 50 Syrian women exiled in Jordan who in 2013 performed their own version of the Trojan Women.
  • Work with summer camps to engage kids in museum visits and art projects on the ancient world.
  • Organize performances of ancient and classically-influenced works in schools and community centers.
  • Organize classical outreach in prisons.

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