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Blog: From Foshan to the Forum: Forging Connections between China and Rome

How can we forge better and lasting connections between the ancient Mediterranean and modern Chinese culture? At the end of the last school year, I had the occasion to sit down with my student, Hongshen Ken Lin (林鸿燊) to talk about his experiences in Classics. Ken was at the end of his senior year and had been accepted early to Harvard, where he planned to combine his love of Big Data and digital humanities with something equally remote and challenging: the study of Roman and Greek Antiquity.

Penland Rome China 01
Hongshen Ken Lin on the Harvard China website.

According to Ken, he became interested in studying Latin through a family Read more …

Gravestone of a woman with her attendant (100 BCE). Getty Villa (Image via Wikimedia under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 License).

Blog: Digital Teens: Training a New Generation of Tech-Savvy Classicists

Hackathons, events where software developers gather together to create in community a usable piece of computer programming in a short frame of time, are common occurrences in tech circles. One hosted this past February by the College of the Holy Cross, however, was the first time I’d seen this type of group work applied to translating ancient manuscripts.

The Holy Cross Hackathon, a digital humanities workshop, brought together high school and college classicists in February to work together to publish primary sources online. Funding for the event was provided by the Ignite Fund with the Center for Liberal Arts in the World. Photo credit: Liz Penland
The Holy Cross Hackathon, a digital humanities workshop,
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