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2017 Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada

Session #24
'Digital Classics and the Changing Profession'
Organized by the Digital Classics Association
Neil Coffee, University at Buffalo, SUNY, Organizer

[Click on the name of the speaker to see the text of his or her talk]

  1. Gregory Crane, Leipzig University/Tufts University (video)
    Greco-Roman Studies and Digital Classics

  2. Bruce Robertson, Mount Allison University (video)
    Working in Digital Humanities and Classics at the Small Undergraduate University

  3. Marie-Claire Beaulieu, Tufts University (video)
    Digital Work, Student Research, and the Tenure Track

  4. Christopher Blackwell, Furman University (video)
    Philology, Technology, Collaboration: 16 Years of the Homer Multitext

  5. Christopher Johanson, University of California, Los Angeles
    DH 101 (Classics)

  6. Neil Coffee, University at Buffalo, SUNY

    Discussion (video)

Presidential Panel
'Communicating Classical Scholarship'
Roger Bagnall, Organizer

  1. Roger Bagnall, Society for Classical Studies, President (video)

  2. Sebastian Heath, New York University (video)
    Digital Publication within an Academic Unit: A Case Study

  3. Fiona MacIntosh, University of Oxford (video)
    Interactive/Multimedia Ebooks for the Performance Archive

  4. Eric Schmidt, University of California Press (video)
    The Future of Scholarly Publishing

Discussion (video)

2016 Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California

Presidential Panel
‘The Spring from the Year’: Contingent Faculty and the Future of Classics
John Marincola, Organizer

[Click on the name of the speaker to see the text of his or her talk. Click on the title to hear an audio file of each talk and the discussion period.]

John Marincola, Florida State University
Introduction: The New Faculty Majority

  1. Eleanor Dickey, University of Reading
    Is There Anything I Can Do? How Individual Academics Can Make A Difference
  1. John Paul Christy, American Council of Learned Societies
    “So Happy a Versatility”: The Uses of Advanced Training in the Humanities
  1. Stephanie Budin, University of Oregon
    What You Do unto the Least of These: Adjuncts and Painful Trends in Higher Education
  1. C. W. Marshall, University of British Columbia
    Reclaiming the Landscape

Questions and Discussion

Session #40
The Future of Classical Education: A Dialogue
Organized by the SCS Program Committee

Joy Connolly, New York University, Presider

  1. Arlene Holmes-Henderson, University of Oxford
    Classical Education in the UK: Boom or Bust?
    [Link Forthcoming]

2. Mary Pendergraft, Wake Forest University
Trends in Teaching the Classics to Undergraduates

3. Kathleen M. Coleman, Harvard University
Nondum Arabes Seresque rogant
: Classics Looks East

4. Nigel Nicholson, Reed College
A Liberal Art for the Future

2013 Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington

Session 54
Alternative Employment for PhDs and Advanced Graduate Students in Classical Studies/Archaeology
Organized by the APA/AIA Joint Placement Committee

Mike Lippman, University of Arizona, David S. Potter, University of Michigan, Betsey A. Robinson, Vanderbilt University, Organizers

2012 Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Presidential Panel
Images for Classicists

Kathleen M. Coleman, Harvard University, Presider