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SCS Committee Panels

SCS Committee Panels

These panels are organized by standing SCS committees and approved by the Program Committee. All SCS committee submissions are judged anonymously and require a letter of endorsement from the committee's divisional Vice President.  Endorsement letters should be sent separately via e-mail to Helen Cullyer in the SCS Office.  

Note: Some committees issue calls for abstracts for their sessions.  In these cases, abstracts accepted by the committee's organizers will be reviewed again by the Program Committee.

Submission Requirements

  • You will be required to provide:
    • The member number, name, academic institution, and contact information of the organizer(s)
    • The member number, name, academic institution, paper title, and length of presentation (in minutes) for each speaker
    • The member number, name, academic institution, and length of presentation (in minutes) for anyone introducing the panel or serving as a discussant or respondent
    • A 650-word Organizer's Statement.  The organizer's statement should provide a clear overview of the panel, describing its theme and focus and explaining the particular contribution made by each paper. Individual participants are to remain anonymous in this statement; individual presenters should be referred to as "panelist #1”, panelist #2”, etc. The statement must describe in general terms the diversity of the panel.  It should also explain plans for incorporating discussion into the session, and whether the responsibility will rest with the session chair, with the presenters themselves, or with an invited respondent.  If a respondent is used, the respondent's qualifications should be described, without, however, identifying the individual.  The Program Committee expects that both this statement and the accompanying abstracts will demonstrate a grasp of the bibliography relevant to the topic.
    • An abstract for every paper to be presented in your session.  Make sure these abstracts are anonymous, but identify them as "Paper #1", "Paper #2", etc. This will inform the Program Committee of the order of presentation and will make it easier for you to refer to individual abstracts in your Organizer's Statement (see above).   Before the speakers in your session prepare their abstracts, please ask them to become familiar with the guidelines for authors of abstracts
    • Confirmation that a letter of endorsement from the Committee's divisional Vice President has been requested.  The Vice President should not submit the letter via the online submission system but should send it separately via e-mail to Helen Cullyer in the SCS Office).
    • Speakers' audio-visual needs (if any). The Program Committee reserves the right to limit the audio/visual equipment requested.


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