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By Helen Cullyer | January 1, 2020

The SCS is pleased to announce the appointment of Patrice Rankine and Sasha-Mae Eccleston as guest editors of a future issue of TAPA with the theme of race, racism, and Classics. A detailed call for papers will be issued in early 2020, and a timetable for submissions will be provided. This themed issue is likely to appear as TAPA 153:1 in spring 2023.

By Helen Cullyer | April 12, 2019

The index and all the published volumes of the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae (A–M, O–P, and Onomasticon C–D) are now available as open access pdfs from the Bavarian Academy:

Please note that the pdfs may currently be slow to load.

By Helen Cullyer | December 10, 2018

As part of the organization's Sesquicentennial celebrations, SCS has developed a short history of its book publications. You can read that history here and download a full list of books published by SCS, formerly the American Philological Association.

By Adam Blistein | March 14, 2016

Members who use the TLG should be aware that there is now a new TLG web site. It’s noted on the old page but you could easily miss it. Users will have to switch to the new site, which will require a login. If you normally access the TLG through your institution, you can create an account (user name and password) for free, but you must have an account and log in to use the full resources.

Michael Gagarin
Vice President for Publications and Research

By Adam Blistein | November 11, 2015

Thanks to Professor Donald Mastronarde, we can now offer a new version of GreekKeys (GreekKeys 2015) the polytonic Greek keyboard program with accompanying fonts that has long been useful to many scholars, teachers, and students of the ancient and medieval Greek worlds.  This page of the SCS web site provides information about the new version.  Individual licenses for the software are available at no charge to SCS members in good standing.  Nonmembers may purchase licenses for $20, and, as described at the URL above, discounts are available for nonmembers who purchased GreekKeys 2008 after October 2014.

By Adam Blistein | September 22, 2015

On September 28, 2015, at 6:30 p.m., the NCLG will present this webinar.  Students are becoming ever more adept with using technology, and, as teachers, we can find ways to use technology in our classes in way that engages students and promotes effective learning. Some of the free online tools that we will go over include Google documents, dictionaries, blogs, screencasts, videos, commentaries, texts, grammar reviews, and vocabulary reviews. We will focus on how to use each type of online tool in the context of the Latin literature classroom.

By Information Architect | January 24, 2015

To assist developers of websites who wish to embed New Athena Unicode font, the APA has recently clarified that the Open Font License for New Athena Unicode applies to the woff format as well as to the TrueType format that is installed by users on their own computers.

In addition, all four styles of New Athena Unicode version 4.05 have been converted to woff format and are available for download at the GreekKeys site.

This new font format is for hosting on web servers. Users of GreekKeys 2008 for Mac OS X and Windows should continue to use the TrueType version (newathu.ttf) in their own work in word processors or other desktop applications.

For more information see:

By admin | January 24, 2015

From the iTunes App Store:

Use one app to look up any Greek or Latin word: Logeion was developed at the University of Chicago to provide simultaneous lookup of entries in the many reference works that make up the Perseus Classical collection. Most reference works represented in this app are based on digitized texts from the Perseus Digital Library at Tufts University.

By admin | January 24, 2015

The World Languages Department at Wenatchee Valley College announces a new web site to support its Latin program as well as spoken-Latin activities in the Pacific Northwest. "Boreoccidentales" provides a forum for the events and activities of the Circulus Latinus Seattlensis ("Seattle Latin-Speaking Club") and the Conventiculum Vasintoniense/Septimana Californiana. The web site also houses Cataracta, an online journal, with works by modern Latin authors. Inclusion in the online journal is open to anyone, world-wide! For more information, please contact Dr. Stephen Berard through the "Contact Us" web form.

By admin | January 24, 2015

"Tools of the Trade" was conceived by Lowell Edmunds as a bibliographic guide for graduate students and others interested in furthering their knowledge of the Roman world. When the expansion of scholarly resources and the growing capabilities of web-based publication made a second edition desirable, Professor Edmunds decided to divide the project into thirteen discrete bibliographies, each with its own editor/compiler.At this point, the project was passed on to Sander M. Goldberg of UCLA, who has assumed responsibility for editing the final documents and posting them on this site. The content and form of each bibliography has been determined by the subject editor, who is identified in the heading for each document.

Download "Tools of the Trade".


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