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Institution Name Title Placement Year
Society for Classical Studies / New York University Communications and Services Coordinator (Communications Specialist at NYU) 2022-2023
Virginia Tech Instructor in Ancient History/Mediterranean World 2022-2023
UCLA Dept. of History The Wellman Chair in Medieval History 2022-2023
Case Western Reserve University Full-time Lecturer in Latin / Classics 2022-2023
Tulane University Visiting Assistant Professor 2022-2023
Creighton University Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow - College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program 2022-2023
Colorado College Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics 2022-2023
Christendom College Visiting Assistant Professor in Classical & Early Christian Studies at Christendom College 2022-2023
Dartmouth College Lecturer in Classical Archaeology 2022-2023
Columbia University Lecturer in Discipline 2022-2023
The University of Alabama Instructor, I2, Classics 2022-2023
University of New Hampshire Post-Doctoral Fellow in Classics 2022-2023
University of New Hampshire Lecturer 2022-2023
The American Numismatic Society Membership Coordinator 2022-2023
Connecticut College Visiting Assistant Professor 2022-2023
Texas Tech University Visiting Assistant Professor in Classical Archaeology 2022-2023
University of Delaware Supplemental Faculty position in Ancient Greek and Roman Studies 2022-2023
Providence College Visiting Assistant Professor in Ancient Roman History 2022-2023
University of Iowa Visiting Assistant Professor in Biblical Studies 2022-2023
Hunter College Assistant Professor (tenure track) in Classics 2022-2023
University of Memphis Department of Art Assistant Professor of Practice - Curator/Instructor of Egyptian Art & Archaeology 2022-2023
Agnes Scott College Agnes Scott College Classics VAP 2022-2023
Santa Clara University Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer in Classical Culture and Literature (Classics Dept.) 2022-2023
University of California Santa Barbara Part-Time Lecturer in the Classics Department 2022-2023
University of Chicago Instructional Professor (open rank) in Latin and Greek and Language Program Coordinator 2022-2023
Duke University One-year Instructor in Classical Archaeology 2022-2023
Kenyon College Visiting Assistant Professor in Classics 2022-2023
Miami University, Ohio Visiting Assistant Professor/Instructor position in Classical Studies 2022-2023
Queen's University Two-Year Postdoctoral Fellowship in Latin Language, Literature, and Culture 2022-2023
Florida State University Dean's Postdoctoral Scholar Fellow 2022-2023
University of South Florida Visiting Assistant Professor of Instruction 2022-2023
Cornell University, Cornell Institute of Archaeology and Material Studies Hirsch Postdoctoral Associate in Archaeology 2022-2023
University of Kansas Visiting Assistant Professor 2022-2023
Georgetown University Assistant Teaching Professor, Greek Literature and Culture 2022-2023
University of British Columbia 2-Year Assistant Professorship (Without Review) in Greek History and Language in the Ancient Mediterranean & Near East 2022-2023
University of Utah Associate Instructor in Classics 2022-2023
Wabash College Part-time Instructor of Classics 2022-2023
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lecturer 1, Ancient and Medieval Studies Program 2022-2023
PROVIDENCE COLLEGE Tenure-Track Position in Classics 2022-2023
Yale University Postdoctoral Associate in Pre-Modern Cultures and Civilizations 2022-2023
Bowdoin College Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics 2022-2023
W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research Director of the W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, Jerusalem 2022-2023
Boston University Lecturer in Ancient Greek and Latin. 2022-2023
University of Rochester Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics 2022-2023
Metric Environmental Archaeological Principal Investigator 2022-2023
Hunter College Doctoral Lecturer in Classics 2022-2023
Brown University International Humanities Postdoctoral Fellowship on Humanities in the Colonial World 2022-2023
Brown University Postdoctoral/Post-MFA Fellowship in Critical Classical Studies 2022-2023
Hollins University Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics 2022-2023
University of Victoria Sessional Lecturer 2023-24 2022-2023