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A white bust of a man with curly hair against a dark background

Blog: Part II: Casting Cleopatra: It’s All About Politics

(Please Read Part I First)

Playing Cleopatra: Hollywood and Anglophone Television Castings

For the most part, big budget Hollywood productions on the life of Cleopatra have cast actresses that conform to a certain archetype: Elizabeth Taylor, Vivienne Leigh, Claudette Colbert, Theda Bara were all ‘seductress’ types. Their curvy figures emphasized by dazzling fashion, their dark hair intended to represent their more salacious Read more …

A marble bust of a man with curly hair against a dark background

Blog: Part I: Casting Cleopatra: It’s All About Politics

On October 11 2020, American screenwriter and producer of Greek descent Laeta Kalogridis posted this tweet:

The same day, she posted a picture of a Read more …

Blog: Addressing Harassment in Academia at the SCS in Boston

The following are the abbreviated introductory remarks to the “Harassment in Academia: Old Battles, New Frontiers” panel co-sponsored by the Women’s Classical Caucus (WCC) and the Committee for Gender and Sexuality in the Profession (COGSIP) at the annual meeting in Boston Jan 4-8, 2018. Notes from the panel and the coinciding workshop on sexual harassment can be found at Please note that the comments and ideas of SCS blog contributors are their own.

The idea for this panel first emerged last SCS as a result of series of events that included the online harassment of a colleague for her public scholarship and the silence of organizations within our field in her support. The rejection of a WCC sponsored roundtable on sexual harassment in academia by the SCS program committee (we resubmitted it this year as a workshop and it was accepted), and finally, the situation of a Read more …