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A white circle on a black background with green leaves and white flowers. Around the circle is a yellow vine border, and in the middle there is a palm tree. On the left side of the tree, an abstract figure in drapery stands, and on the right side, a simil

Blog: Dissertation spotlight: A Tale of Four Cities: Exploring Classical Reception in Modern Hebrew

Giacomo Loi |

Blog: Inscribed Memory, the Holocaust, and the Jewish Population of Rome

Sarah Bond |
Apadana Hall, 5th century BC carving of Persian and Median soldiers in traditional costume. CC BY-SA 3.0.

Blog: Addressing the Divide Between Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Classics

Catherine Bonesho |
Roman Triumphal arch panel copy from Beth Hatefutsoth, showing spoils of Jerusalem temple. Image via Wikimedia under a CC BY-SA 3.0 License.

Blog: Roman Festivals in Rabbinic Literature and the intersection of Judaism and Rome

Catherine Bonesho |

Blog: Sites of Memory and Memories of Conflict: Imperial Rome, Jerusalem, and Nero

Catherine Bonesho |