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Affiliated Group Panels

The panels below are from SCS Affiliated Groups. Each CFP is authored and organized by the individual groups. All submissions must come from SCS members, and abstracts or direct inquiries should be sent to Group organizers exclusively.

Members should note that if their paper is accepted for an Affiliated Group Panel then they may not submit another abstract for consideration by the Program Committee for any other session at the 2018 Annual Meeting.

The papers for the following CFPs will be presented at the 149th annual meeting in January. We will be accepting CFPs from Affiliated Groups until mid-December 2017.

List of Affiliated Group CFPs

International Plutarch Society: "Truth to Power: Literary, Rhetorical, and Philosophical Responses to Autocratic Rule in the Roman Empire"

Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy

American Classical League: "What Can 'Active' Latin Accomplish?"

American Association of Neo-Latin Studies: "Neo-Latin in a Global Context: Current Approaches"

Greek and Latin Linguistics

Lambda Classical Caucus: "Turning Queer: Queerness and the Trope"

Womens Classical Caucus: "Global Feminism and the Classics"

Society for Ancient Medicine and Pharmacology: "Medical Communities in the Ancient Mediterranean"

Vergilian Society: "What's in a Name? Race, Ethnicity, and Cultural Identity in the Poetry of Vergil"

Eta Sigma Phi: "The Next Generation: Papers by Undergraduate Classics Students"

Digital Classics Association: "Reconnecting the Classics"

Eos: "Theorizing Africana Receptions"

Society for Early Modern Classical Reception: "Classical​ ​and​ ​Early​ ​Modern​ ​Epic:​ ​Comparative​ ​Approaches​ ​and​ ​New​ ​Perspectives"

The American Society of Papyrologists: “Culture and Society in Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Egypt”

International Society of Neoplatonic Studies: "Allegory, Poetics, and Symbol in Neoplatonic Texts"

American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy: "Writing the History of Epigraphy and Epigraphers"

Society for Late Antiquity: "Where does it end?": Limits on imperial authority in Late Antiquity

Society for Ancient Mediterranean Religion: "Epic Gods, Imperial City: Religion and Ritual in Latin Epic from Beginnings to Late Antiquity"

American Friends of Herculaneum: "Works in Progress"

Classics and Social Justice: "Who 'owns' Classics? Who is the field of classics for? Defining the field/diversifying the field"

Friends of Numismatics: "Reconstructing Ancient Sculpture: The Literary, Epigraphic, Numismatic and Archaeological Evidence"

MOISA: "Music and the Divine"