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I am very happy to announce the winner of the 2016 David D. and Rosemary H. Coffin Fellowship for Travel in Classical Lands. The fellowship will enable Tyler Nye, a Latin and Spanish teacher at Avon High School in Avon, CT, to attend the British School at Rome's "City of Rome" course this summer. Mr. Nye will use the knowledge he gains from this program to restructure his own courses and to enrich the courses of his colleagues at Avon. He also intends to provide guest lectures in classes throughout his school district.

Mr. Nye received his B.S. in Secondary Education, Classical Studies, and Hispanic Studies from the University of Scranton. He is currently finishing up an M.A. in History and Archaeology of the Greek and Roman World from Cardiff University. He has taught at Avon for six years, offering Latin and Spanish at all levels. Additionally, he has served as webmaster of the Avon Education Association, and has been involved in teaching Latin through global online classrooms that develop students' digital literacies, as a member of the Virtual High School Collaborative, an online consortium of teachers from across the world. In 2013, he earned a Fulbright grant for the summer session at the American School for Classical Studies in Athens. He has also participated in underwater archaeology field schools in Spain and Italy.

One of his colleagues at Avon High School spoke eloquently of Mr. Nye's "ongoing determination to improve his instruction." This colleague described his pedagogical collaboration with Mr. Nye and his students' "exemplary preparation." Mr. Nye, this colleague concludes, regularly amends his instruction on the basis of his department's and his students' perceived needs, and the result is "tangible student improvement."

The committee also noted Mr. Nye's commitment to his professional development and the fact that he is highly accomplished for a colleague at the beginning of his career. Although the competition was strong, Mr. Nye's application supereminet omnes.

I would like to thank my colleagues on the committee, Ronnie Ancona and Richard Buxton, for their diligent reading of applications, and Adam Blistein for his characteristically prompt and helpful guidance with the process in granting this, his last, Coffin Fellowship as Executive Director of the SCS.

Jason Nethercut
Chair, David D. and Rosemary H. Coffin Fellowship Committee