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Recent Awards and Fellowships

Join us in congratulating recent award and fellowship winners!

Zeph Stewart Teacher Training Awards

John V. Harrop, MAT program at Washington University in St. Louis

Melissa Maturano, teacher certification at Hunter College, CUNY

Pedagogy Awards

Megan Beckman, to support expansion of the Latin novella library at Homestead High School

Edmund DeHoratius, to support video production at Wayland High School and eChieve Academy

Evan Dutmer, to support development of immersive lessons based on ancient schoolrooms at Culver Academies and beyond

James T. Stark, to support travel for students at Collinsville High School

Koenen Fellowship

Sohair Ahmed, Ain-Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

Ancient Worlds, Modern Communities (formerly Classics Everywhere program)

May 2021 application deadline winners

Diane Arnson Svarlien

More Classics Books for Kids at a Low-Income Elementary School

Iván González Tobar

The Marsal collection: integrating Andalusian rural communities in an archaeological scientific project

Krishni Burns

Calliope’s Library: Books for Young Readers

Dr. Kelly P. Dugan

Ancient Worlds in Our Community (AWOC) Certificate Program

Sophia He & Laura Petersen

Project Nota

Paul Hay

Honoring Esteemed Alumnae of Color: Helen and Dorothy Chesnutt

C. W. (Toph) Marshall

Plautus' Amphitruo in a new verse translation

Dr. Bonnie Rock-McCutcheon

Barron C. Blewett Hunnicutt Classics Gallery and Antiquities Collection

Susan P. Bachelder

COINS TO CASKETS: Low Relief Art that still tells a story

Verity Platt

The Sculpture Shoppe at Ithaca Mall

Marina Cavichiolo Grochocki

A Student Commentary of Landívar’s Rusticatio Mexicana

Ellie Falaris Ganelin,

Talos Dreams

Jennifer Demers

Sports Garb/led: Ancient Mosaics and Their Relevance for Girls Today