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UIUC Summer Seminar Synopsis

SCS 2018 Seminar in The Use of Art and Material Culture in Scholarship and Teaching

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The seminar is structured in broadly chronological terms, from Greece and the Near East to Rome and the West. Three two-hour classes are planned each week (MWF 10-12) around an over-arching theme, outlined below. Two additional two-hour sessions (TR 1-3) are planned each week to provide students with guided study regarding their projects. Excursions to local artists’ workshops and to Chicago/St. Louis are planned for the end of each week

Week 1 (May 21-25)

Introduction to Museum Studies (history of collection, acquisition and development, and conservation), digitization and imaging labs

Guest speakers: Dr. Maureen Warren and Professor Susan Frankenberg

Excursion: St. Louis Art Museum

Week 2 (May 28-June 1)

Archaic and Classical Greece: Parthenon frieze, sculpture, inscriptions

Guest speaker: Professor John Senseney

Activity: Visit local studios (glass)

Week 3 (June 4-8)

Archaic and Classical Greece: Vases

Guest speaker: Professor Susan Rotroff

Activity: Visit local studios (pottery)

Week 4 (June 11-15)

Etruscan and Roman: Ara Pacis, pottery, sculpture

Guest speaker: Professor Sinclair Bell and Dr. Katherine Kreindler

Excursion: Art Institute of Chicago

Week 5 (June 18-22)

Numismatics: Greek and Roman coins

Guest speaker: Professor James Dengate

Week 6 (June 25-29)

Analysing and Synthesizing

Student research reports

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