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SCS Newsletter - November 2019 (Classics Everywhere)

We wanted to share the winners of our fourth round of Classics Everywhere grants.

Thank you to Mallory Monaco Caterine, chair of the Classics in the Community Committee for overseeing this round. We also thank Nina Papathanasopoulou (, our part-time public engagement coordinator, who has been assisting us in communicating with our sponsored projects' directors, getting the word out about their work, and evaluating the success of this new initiative. 

Please join us in congratulating these grantees, and look forward to these fantastic events they've planned!


Robert Holschuh Simmons (Illinois)
  • "Classics Day V" - Classics Day is a hands-on, multidisciplinary immersion into the worlds of Greece, Rome, and a range of other cultures from the distant past

Susan Craig (Connecticut)

  • "More Latin Moments than Senior Moments" - Teaching Latin to senior citizens at local senior center and local library

Boris Chrubasik (Canada)

  • "Classics and the World Today 4" - Public lecture and a one-day graduate colloquium reflecting on Citizen Strife and Civil War in the ancient world

Nathalie Roy (Louisiana)

  • "Mini Maker Faire: Roman Concrete" - Demonstration on how to mix ancient Roman Concrete

Emily Allen-Hornblower (New York and New Jersey)

  • "Public Face of Emotions: Greek Classics and the Role of Emotions in our Lives" - Series of public conversations with formerly incarcerated men and women concerning ancient Greek philosophy and literature

Sarah Shin (California)

  • "The Stuff of Legend: Classical Mythology and its Impact on Creative Writing" - Creative writing workshop serving as an introduction to basics of Latin, Roman culture, and Roman mythology

Joe Goodkin (Alaska)

  • "Homer in Homer" - Performance of an original one-man folk opera of Homer's Odyssey to be performed in Homer, Alaska

Regina Koebele-Demaree (New Jersey)

  • "After-School Latin Program" - After school program to teach Latin and Roman civilization

Donna Zuckerberg (Online)

  • "First-Generation Classics" - Special issue of Eidolon to focus on first-generation Classics

Angela Commito (New York)

  • "Printing the Past" - a hands-on workshop for STEP students integrating classical studies with 3D printing technology

Lydia Palmer (New York)

  • "Morningside Heights Latin Camp" - a free, two-week Latin summer camp for elementary and middle school students in Morning Heights branch of the NYPL

Amy L. Powell and Clara Bosak-Schroeder (Illinois)

  • "Hive" - A public sculpture and sound commission at Krannert Art Museum by sculptor Nancy Davidson and Roman historian and artist Lakshmi Ramgopal

Mel Webb and Jessica Wright (Texas)

  • "Philosophy and Literature Circle" - a prison education program to bring non-incarcerated undergraduates to a Texas corrections facility to read, discuss, and write about portions of the OdyseyRepublic, and Epic of Gilgamesh

Michele Valerie Ronnick (Michigan)

  • "Black Classicisms and the Black Atlantic: A Public Program" - general public meeting at the Detroit Public Library showcasing the exhibit of "12 Black Classicists"

Michael Kwadwo Okyere Asante (Ghana)

  • "Classics in Humanities and University Education in Africa: The Way Forward" - a public panel on classics in humanities and university education in Africa, focusing on transnational and decolonizing perspectives

Angel Parham (Louisiana)

  • Creating a packaged curriculum to teach people about classic Greek literature in ways that help cross racial and cultural borders

Cheri Magid (New York)

  • "Penelope and the Geese" - a workshop and two public performances for an opera on Penelope and the Geese, a feminist rethinking of Penelope's story from the Odyssey

Krishni Burns (Indiana)

  • "Homerathon in ChicagoLand" - a public outdoor reading of Homer's Odyssey, organized by students from Valparaiso University and the University of Illinois at Chicago

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